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Cindy Warner/Park Manager


Water Update

Hello Co-owners,

We have been clear for Drinking Water!

Summer Fun Days ahead!~ Volunteers Needed

I will be holding a meeting for all interested people that would like to contribute some of your time to "The Lake's"  activities and FUN this season. 

  I am planning this meeting to organize and set up the calendar for the 2018 Year.

  I will be gathering names of anyone that would like to contribute sometime to an activity, event, function, trips, gather, or just any kind of basic fun stuff this up coming season.   If you have done something last year or have ideas for bringing back something done in the past or maybe something new, please bring your thoughts and plan on attending this meeting.  

I will be at the clubhouse Saturday April 21st at 10:00 AM to get a calendar of fun things to do in place.   I have a few ideas that I would like to share with you too.  This doesn't mean it has to be a major task that would take up a lot of your time.  Volunteering for a one time event or once a month will be helpful.  I am open for any and all of your ideas. But most of all, I would like just a little of your time and help to make this successful.  I have looked at the calendar and a list of the festivities that were done last year. I like what I see and would hope it would continue again this year.  

I am still planning on hiring the  2 Activities Directors to oversee the organization of the adult and youth. But this takes additional volunteers to make it happen.  

So please, mark your calendar and join us in setting up this calendar and lets fill it with all kinds of fun and enjoyment for the "Young" and "SEASONED".  

We all enjoy building memories--------- lets make some.  

PS-- If you can't make it and are willing to just help with something, please call the office or shoot me an email.

Phone: 989-288-2616


See you April 21 at 10 am in the clubhouse.

Cindy Warner 

Park Manager

Clean Water NOW !!!

Clean Water NOW !!!