From the Park Manager, Cindy

Thank you

Thank you everyone for the great group of co owners that were able to attention the appreciation dinner. And thanks to the ones that sent their regretes. It is understandable when everyone lives with such busy schedules, you can't be everywhere at once. But the ones that sent comments and acknowledged the staff is just as nice as being there. We had a full house in the clubhouse and the food was fabulous. All the food filled 3 long table. Yummy. What a great evening with great people. 

Also thank you to all those that participated in the Pontoon Parade and Festival of Lights. Congratulations to the Winners and all the Participants. It was Great! 

Seasonal Positions

Applications for the 2019- 2020 season will be accepted starting in March of 2019.

Watch for the postings of positions late winter / early spring of 2019.  

From the desk of Jim Fahey, Treasurer

Overdue Taxes


Attention Co-owners;

 The purpose of this notice is a reminder the taxes on your property at Leisure Lake may be delinquent. There is no need to worry if you paid your taxes and have not received a notice of overdue taxes. If you are in doubt, contact the Vernon Township Office at 989-288-4403. They are open Mondays.

We were informed by the County Treasure that some taxes on lots at Leisure Lake are overdue and the property may be set for “Tax Sale”.  (All tax inquires for information concerning your taxes should be directed to Vernon Township Treasure or Shiawassee County Treasure.)  If this happens, you take a chance of losing your property here at Leisure Lake. If your property does not sell at the tax sale, it is then turned over to the State Land Bank. This is not a good way to go.

We, at the Lake, are still trying to retrieve a lot that we repossessed for non-payment of the 2015/2016 Annual Assessment. This lot became the property of Leisure Lake Condominium Association in November 2017. However, when we checked on the taxes, we found out that this lot has already gone to the Michigan Land Bank. We have lost the Assessment for the past two seasons and Attorney Fees for this lot. We had also lost a lot that we were foreclosing on for non-payment of the 2016/2017 Annual Assessment. This was purchased by a private individual at a Tax Sale. We lost Assessment and Attorney Fees on that lot.

Please pay your taxes before any of the above procedures take place. If you are no longer interested in your property at the lake, please consider signing a “Quit Claim Deed” turning your property over to Leisure Lake Condominium Association. 

Again – this is just a reminder to pay your taxes on time and not get caught up in a “tax sale” or “Land bank”.

Jim Fahey, Treasurer Leisure Lake Condominium Association

10001 Goodall Rd., Unit F-1, Durand, MI 48429 


The updated rules and regulations is now available

Rules and Regulations (pdf)