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News to Know

Association Dues

Association Fees this year is $1528.00. 

Association Dues were due May 1st

A late fee of $50.00 was applied May 2nd

All Open Balances receive a finance fee of 10% on the 15th of each month.

Seasonal Positions

Looking for 

 "on-call" security Staff. 

New Site Lot Map Available

New Lot Site Map. Looking for a lot or the nearest bathhouse? Wondering where the Doggy Beach is? The site lot map has all that info and more. The more you zoom in, the more you will see the lot numbers. You can find the site lot map on the Resource Link on this web site.

Fish Restock

The Lake was restocked with a new batch of Fish on November 25, 2017. Although it was a very bad year for new fish, most of the stock was brought in from out west. We were able to stock Hybrid Bluegill, Perch, Red Ear, Crappie, and Fat Head Minnows.

New Board Elected


2019 -2020

* PRESIDENT: Jason Nierescher 

  • VICE-PRESIDENT:          Jon Hovis
  • SECRETARY:               Jackie Perina
  • TREASURE:                 Roseann Sullivan
  • ASSISTANT TREAS:     Jim Fahey
  • TRUSTEE:  Richard Lake
  • TRUSTEE:  Craig Torbet

Fast Communication with Email

We would like to start using emails for a source of communication and mailings. This will be more cost effective and not to mention faster communication rather than snail mail. Please be reassured that we are still going to send mass mailings such as newsletters. All emails will be sent BCC so emails are kept private. 

Classified Ad - Lake Own & Private lots to buy or rent

Lot 72


Lot 72  - Lot for sale and rent.  Contact office for sale detail. For rental  $35.00 per night and $550.00 per month.  

Lot 87


Lot 87  - Rented for 2018. Not available. 


Lot 175


Lot 175  - Lot for sale and rent.  Contact office for sale detail. For rental  $35.00 per night and $550.00 per month.  

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